Our Company

Campus Partners® is unique in many ways, starting with our name, which is the cornerstone to our approach to this business. We think of ourselves as “true partners with our customers” in managing their student loan programs. Over the last five decades, Campus Partners® has been a leading and perhaps, the most experienced service provider of education loans in the country, offering its unparalleled service to the educational community.

Since our inception in 1964, Campus Partners® commitment to our customers continues to grow and is reflected in our beliefs and practices. Our wide repertoire of loan servicing solutions include loan billing, accounting, data processing, loan consolidation, default prevention services, and reporting. We work with approximately 400 colleges and universities across the country. Our customers’ priorities are our priorities, and helping them maintain the value of their student loan portfolio is paramount to Campus Partners®.

Customer First

We, at Campus Partners®, are truly customer-focused. Our philosophy of being a dedicated education loan service provider is reflected in our mission of providing high quality technology and premier service to our customers. Our customer service representatives are always available to provide our customers with instant and insightful analyses and result-enhancing measures to maximize their returns. Campus Partners continually responds to its customers’ needs, delivering exceptional products and services.

Experienced Staff

The long-serving and dedicated staff is the backbone of Campus Partners®. It is their exceptional skills in people management that translates into our expedient service, flawless execution, and insight into the needs of both customers and borrowers. No other servicer can match our commitment to campus-based loan programs. Our managers and staff have extensive experience in the student loan industry, which helps our customers maximize the value of their loan portfolio.

100% Compliance with Federal Regulations

With the ever-evolving changes in the student loan industry, keeping our customers in compliance with all federal regulations is a top priority for Campus Partners®. Our feat in this area can also be measured by long history of successful audits. We began conducting annual audits years before federal law required them because of Campus Partners® commitment as an organization to high standards of excellence.

Campus Partners® is strongly committed to continuing and enhancing all of its school partnerships by providing the most secure and technologically advanced financial solutions available to colleges and universities.