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Save time, save money! AutoDraft is a smart way to make your student loan payment. Sign up for direct draft service to make a timely payment. You can enroll in AutoDraft online via, by telephone, or by downloading an AutoDraft authorization form from and mailing it to us.

Sign up for E-Bill on to receive notifications and access your monthly loan statement. To make a payment, use the E-Pay option or mail the payment to us.

Paying a student loan has never been easier. Log in to your account at and make your payment. It also allows you to calculate your future payoff amounts.

Access your account to find the amount of interest you paid on your student loan for tax purposes. You can also use our interactive voice recording system or call our customer service representative to obtain your tax information.

If your school has signed up for the iPROMise service, you can log in to to access and complete the Master Promissory Note process. is your one-stop platform to access and manage your student loan information, make payment and download forms. Additional features include electronic payment and AutoDraft options.