What is E-Bill?

E-Bill (electronic billing) is a new billing option for registered users of mycampusloan.com. Once you are enrolled in E-Bill, you will receive an e-mail notification when your statement is available for viewing on mycampusloan.com. The e-mail will be sent in place of your regular paper billing statement. After you receive the e-mail notification that your bill is available, you may log on to the web site and view your statement information. Then you have a choice to pay your bill by creating an E-Pay transaction (on-line electronic payment) or you may mail a payment to our office.

How do I know if I'm eligible to enroll in E-Bill?

  • You must be a registered user of mycampusloan.com
  • Your school must allow the new billing method.
  • All loans within your account must be in repayment and less than 60 days past due.
  • Your loan(s) cannot be assigned to a collection agency.
  • Your loan(s) cannot currently be set-up on our AutoDraft program.
If you are unable to enroll in E-Bill and do not feel the above reasons apply to you, please contact our office at 1-800-334-8609 to speak with an account representative.

What happens when I enroll in E-Bill?

Once you have completed the enrollment request on www.mycampusloan.com, you will receive a consent e-mail. The consent e-mail will verify that you want the E-Bill service and that you have the technology required to receive e-mails from our office. If you wish to participate in E-Bill, you do not need to respond to this e-mail. If you decide to cancel your participation in our E-Bill service, you should respond to the e-mail address provided, and your loan(s) will be returned to paper billing statement status.

When will I receive the e-mail notification stating my payment is due?

E-mail notification of upcoming payment due dates are sent to the e-mail address that you provided during the registration process, which is approximately 19 to 20 days prior to the payment due date. When you receive the e-mail notification, simply login to our Web site, and click on the "View Statement" button. After you review your statement, you can submit an E-Pay transaction, call our office to make a payment over the telephone for a small service fee, or mail a check to our office.

Will I continue to receive paper billing statements?

No. Once you are enrolled in E-Bill, you will only receive e-mails informing you of your next payment due date.

Will I receive e-mails for past due amounts?

No. If your payment is past due, we will continue to mail paper past due statements to the address we have on file for you

If I delete the email notification stating my bill is due, can Campus Partners send me a duplicate?

No, Campus Partners cannot duplicate the e-mail notification process. You simply log on to our Web site, and click on the "View Statement" button again if you accidentally delete your statement.

How do I view my statements?

When you receive the e-mail notification that you have a payment becoming due, you must log on to our Web site www.mycampusloan.com. Once you are logged in to the secure site, you will see the "View Statement" button on the View My Accounts screen. Click on the "View Statement" button, and you will be linked to your most recent statement. You can pay your bill via E-Pay or you may mail a check to our office.

How long will my statements be available for viewing?

Your on-line statement is available each time you log in to our Web site. Your statement is updated to reflect the most recent status of your loan. There may be times such as weekends or holidays that your information is not updated until we refresh our files. We strive to provide you with the most up-to-date loan information as possible.

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