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Campus Partners provides Federal Perkins Loan Program/NDSL Assignment Forms for assignment purposes. This form may be submitted as printed by Campus Partners to the Department of Education. Our staff can advise you on the complexities of a loan assignment and help you through the process.

You can choose to place a loan that is 120 days overdue with a collection agency, automatically or manually.

  • Automatic Placement - When loans become 120 days past due*, they are coded automatically for collection with the agency or agencies you select. These loans will appear on the weekly New Placements Report for each agency (with one copy being forwarded to the institution). If an institution is using more than one agency, loans placement is rotated in equal numbers to each agency.
  • Manual Placement - When your loans become 120 days past due*, they are automatically coded as being eligible for collection and are reported as such in the appropriate section of the Past Due Loans Report sent to your institution. If your institution decides to place these loans with a collection agency, you should send us this list of loans using the Collection Processing Transaction Transmittal. They will be coded for release to your agency or agencies via the New Placements Report, which is generated weekly for each agency (with a copy being forwarded to the institution).

*The number of days past due a loan must be before it goes into collection (whether the institution uses Automatic Placement or Manual Placement) is your choice.

NDSL OR Perkins Loans can be accelerated automatically when placed with a collection agency or at a predetermined number of days past due. Based on Federal Regulations, a final demand letter, including an "intent to accelerate" notice, is generated at 60 days past due. If no payment is received, the loan can be automatically accelerated when placed with a collection agency or at a predetermined number of days past due. Once the loan is accelerated, the entire unpaid principal balance, accrued interest, late charges, and any other delinquent fees are due and payable. The borrower receives an acceleration notice and a copy goes to the institution.

We work with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide Separation Date Management services and Deferment Processing for you. The NSC Research Center provides student outcomes data and more to higher education institutions, states, school districts, and educational organizations. Visit & for more information.

With our Collection Agency Interface (CAI) service, additional report services are offered that interface directly with the collection agencies employed by your institution. (We can interface with as many as 45 different collection agencies, including your in-house collection staff.) These reports automatically allow us to place accounts with agencies each week and provide a monthly inventory of those accounts placed with each agency. Using CAI allows us to function as a true liaison between you and your agencies.

Most importantly, Campus Partners advises collection agencies each week of any transactions we processed on accounts placed with those agencies. A Collection Agency Recovery Analysis Report is generated monthly. This report measures the effectiveness of collection agencies that you contract with and allows our customers to effectively manage their collections effort.

Your school can have Campus Partners make federally required 90-day past due diligence calls instead of having to do them all yourself. Custom calling campaigns are available.

Campus Partners provides monthly reporting of Federal Perkins and Health and Human Services loan status to all major credit bureaus as required by federal regulations. Your institutional loans may also be reported at your request. Our staff processes all Credit Bureau reporting disputes in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) on your behalf.

Campus Partners' Loan consolidation Solution includes the processing of all your loan consolidation needs, including payments and refunds via ACH! Starting with the initial LVC request to the Over/Under payment processing, we have you covered! Don't get bogged down handling your borrowers' loan consolidation requests when our streamlined solution can do it for you! We'll even complete the paperwork to ensure we receive your LVC requests and your payments from the four TIVAS. (If you are an Enhanced customer, Campus Partners already handles your loan consolidation processing.)

Loan Consolidation Services

Campus Partners offers the Early Intervention Program (EIP), a service designed to help you reduce borrower delinquencies before they get out of control. Our experience tells us that most borrowers want to pay their student loan bills, but don’t always understand all of their repayment options. Campus Partners' experienced representatives offer borrowers the opportunity to get the guidance they need in a non-threatening, counseling environment. EIP focuses on preventing default through our intensive telephone and mail efforts, past due borrowers are contacted early and often. Campus Partners uses state of the art dialer technology to schedule calls, document activities and analyze results for the optimal return on the University's investment. The Early Intervention Program has proven, positive results. Our research shows more than four out of five borrowers contacted through EIP efforts become current on their loans and the costs for the program can largely be passed along to the borrower, so you can’t afford not to sign-up!

EIP Authorization Form

Campus Partners offers customers the option of producing exit interview packages/repayment schedules in several different formats including Web-based, online/on-site, automated (in a paper format), and on request. With E-Exit, the borrower has the option to complete and electronically sign the package online, print the exit package for completion (pen and ink signature and return to the University), or to request that Campus Partners mail the package to their address for completion.

Tracking the progress of borrowers who have completed the counseling session on-line is easy.

Customers are able to view borrower E-Exit documents online. Campus Partners also offers reporting on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly frequency. Reporting includes eligible borrowers that have not taken the interview, disagreed with disclosure information, asked for a mailed copy or printed the copy themselves as well as those who have completed the process. The permanent loan history, as well as the exit reports, contains comments and codes that make tracking the diligence schedule simple. Borrowers can also access their exit interviews and other documents via our Web site at any time.

E-Exit Authorization Form

eXpressReports is our Web-based reporting tool designed to provide immediate access to daily, weekly, monthly and annual student loan reports in an easy to use format. With eXpressReports, your reports are easy to locate, view, download, and print. Campus Partners creates many reports that assist the University in managing its loan portfolios. Campus Partners reports are easily customizable. Reporting flexibility is key in ensuring the needs of the University are being met. We recognize that each customer has unique needs, therefore our standard customer reports may be customized to generate based on the frequency desired by the University.

We also provide a powerful ad-hoc reporting tool, myReports. With myReports, the University can instantly create complex reports to meet the most demanding internal reporting requirements.

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Campus Partners can handle virtually any requirement of privately funded loan programs. Two methods of interest accrual are offered, fixed interest for the life of the loan and variable interest that allows the institution to adjust the rate of the program periodically in order to reflect variations in the cost of funding the program. Two methods for the billing of interest during the traditional non-repayment status are available. Campus Partners can bill interest during enrollment, grace, and deferred statuses or add accrued interest to the first bill after the non-repayment status.

We handle all interest reporting on your behalf through our Interest Reporting Service.

In compliance with federal regulations, most borrowers are notified of the amount of interest they paid on their student loans through their monthly statements during the first quarter of each year. Borrowers can also view the amount of interest they paid during the year by accessing their account information on IRS regulations also require us to send a 1098-E form to all borrowers who paid $600 or more in interest during the year, and we must send this information to the IRS as well. All borrowers can access our IVR or contact our Call Center to obtain a duplicate statement of their interest paid.

iPROMise allows students to electronically complete entrance interviews and e-sign their Federal Perkins Master Promissory Notes (MPN), providing our customers a respite during the busy disbursement season. Borrowers can access their entrance interview documents, including their completed Federal Perkins MPN, through the iPROMise Web site. Student loan administrators can view, download, and print their borrowers’ entrance interview documents and promissory notes. The system allows the administrator to monitor the student’s progress through the entrance process.

An on-line Entrance Interview is available for most loan types.

Campus Partners reports data to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) on behalf of your institution, as required by the Department of Education. Currently, we report key identifier changes on a monthly basis. In addition, Campus Partners provides load error reports through eXpressReports that consist of borrowers that were "rejected" from the NSLDS submission.

Automated letters that can be mailed to your borrowers at your request. Send one that is already set up – or create a customized letter for your school.

With Campus Partners, customized report generation is a breeze. We can consolidate reports at any level, such as system-wide, multi-campus, or across programs. All reports can be segmented by the name of each employee who handles various accounts at your school.

In an effort to streamline the exit process, as well as to help you meet federal regulations*, Campus Partners officially released our Second Exit Solution on Monday, June 2nd 2014.

This solution alleviates the burden of individually administering the completion of exits. If one of your borrowers fails to complete his/her first exit, a second exit package (paper) will automatically be sent on your behalf.

Flexibility, automation, and smoother tracking are the hallmarks of the new Second Exit Solution from Campus Partners!

All you need to do is provide us with your information on the Authorization Form and we'll take it from there! The cost of the Second Exit Solution is $3.00 per package, it's a value that you wouldn't want to ignore! Simply complete the attached form, sign and date it, and return it to us.

Second Exit Solution Service
Our secure FTP service provides for direct electronic transfer of data files between your institution and our Service Center.

System3i is our Web-enabled loan servicing system that provides customers with real-time access to student loan portfolio information via the Web. System3i is a valuable tool that is easy to access, easy to use, and easy to understand. With proper security authorization, you can access your borrowers' accounts from any computer, anywhere.

After logging on to System3i, customers can search for loans by program or by borrower number, RAAN, SSN, and Student ID/Program Number, allowing them to view their borrowers' current and past due payment amounts and their payment, cancellation, and deferment histories. They can also view stored documents, such as processed work, electronic exits, and iPROMise documents. In addition, student loan administrators can assist borrowers in making an electronic payment with System3i.

Campus Partners will help maximize the return of dollars to your loan fund by providing you with insightful analysis & continually recommending result-enhancing measures.

Modified Service

  • Implementation of new Federal regulations and maintenance of existing regulations (i.e. due diligence)
  • Accounting
  • Billing statements, coupon books, automatic direct draft, credit card payment processing
  • Lockbox services
  • General account maintenance
  • Collection agency interface (including automatic first placements with collection agencies)
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Enrolled loans
  • Past due loans
  • Collection loans
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Government
  • Detailed history and audit trail
  • An Online access to account information and reports
  • An Online access to download forms, manuals, and publications
  • Automated regulatory system review for compliance and accountability
  • Annual third-party audit review and reporting of processing service and contacts
  • Routine data back-up and storage
  • Perpetual maintenance of the loan image at the time of conversation to support the loan integrity and allow for retroactive adjustments

Full Service

Includes all of the services in the Modified Service Level and the following:
  • Forms processing to include all deferments and cancellations
  • Interfacing with National Student Clearinghouse
  • Processing of credit verifications
  • Processing changes of address from return mail
  • Credit dispute processing
  • All borrower communications including written correspondence, email, faxes, and telephone contacts

Enhanced Service

Includes all of the services in the Modified and Full Service Level and the following:
  • LVC Processing
  • Processing of refund checks
  • Second placement with collection agencies
  • Paid-In-Full notification
  • Negotiation of special payment arrangements with borrowers
  • Processing NSLDS Load Error reports

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