Lambda School

Web Development, Full Stack Development, Data Science
Programs available
Full-time, Online
Deposit to secure a spot
3 payments, amount varies on course/location
Pay afterwards
"ISA, Retail Installment Contract (RIC):salary: $50,000 per yearpayments: 17% of income over 24 monthspayment cap: $30k (may be less in ISA)"
Employment rate
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Upfront Payment Discount
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Backend Program Opportunity Scholarship
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About Lambda School

What You Need to Know before Reading Lambda School Reviews

Lambda School is an online programming bootcamp specializing in data science, software engineering, and back-end development. Its offers include full-time Data Science and Web Development programs (6 months long) and a 9-month Backend Development program. All curricula are developed in collaboration with Amazon and aim at making students 100 percent job-ready by the time they graduate. Over the course of programs, students master the fundamentals of computer science and the most important principles of back-end and front-end development.

Although classes and LambdaSchool are remote and online, they are carried out in a live and interactive format to ensure that students obtain practical knowledge of what they learn. Students are never isolated: they interact with peers, get one-on-one help from mentors, regular feedback, and code reviews. In the course of a bootcamp, they work on real-world projects and solve real problems, which means that by the time they complete their program they have a portfolio of projects they can demonstrate to their potential employers. In terms of quantity, the graduate students have more than 900 hours of practical experience in Web Development and Data Science courses and over 1,400 hours in Backend development courses.

Lambda coding school not just provides practical experience and theoretical knowledge – it also supports its students during their job search. It helps them prepare for interviews, reviews their portfolios, teaches them more effective ways to write resumes and negotiate salaries.

What Is Lambda School Acceptance Rate?

Considering that Lambda School uses a deferred tuition payment model, it is no wonder that it is rather selective about whom it accepts into its bootcamps. They have to be confident that their students at least have a chance of successfully completing the program and are serious enough about their intentions and career plans. Prospective students have to provide a high school diploma, GED certificate, and/or college transcript as well as complete a precourse work to demonstrate that they have sufficient basic knowledge to successfully participate in the bootcamp of their choice and effectively learn the material offered by the program. Many Lamda School reviews mention that the application process is quite rigorous and requires potential students to show considerable effort from the very beginning. Although Lambda School acceptance rate is never mentioned directly, some sources claim it to be as low as 20 percent of the total number of applicants. There is no way to check it, so you can take this value or leave it.

Is Lambda School Worth It?

Many potential students ask if it is a good idea to take a course at Lambda School and if it is a better choice than to major in computer science. In other words, is Lambda School worth it, considering a rather significant investment of time? While its 6- and 9-month courses are quite intensive and require a lot of effort to complete successfully, judging by Lambda School reviews, they have a significant advantage over 4-year computer science college majors. In addition to gaining a great deal of theoretical knowledge and practice, graduates of Lambda bootcamps spend a significant portion of their time working on real-life projects based on real-life situations and case studies. In other words, they get prepared for solving problems they are likely to encounter when working for their future employers. Unfortunately, college graduates often enter the workforce with little to no real experience of this kind, which leaves them at a severe disadvantage. If you take an average Lambda School review, this is what its author will likely pay most attention to.

Is Lambda School Legit?

One of the most notable characteristics of Lambda computer science school is its approach to tuition. While many bootcamps offer their students an opportunity to pay in installments or defer payment until they find employment, Lambda School takes this approach to a whole new level. Here, it is a standard procedure for students not to pay anything upfront. You take a course, graduate from it, and receive all the associated instruction free of charge. Payments start only after you achieve an annual income of $50,000 or more. You will make monthly payments, the size of which depends on how much money you make. In other words, the platform sets itself aside from most other coding schools that make money regardless of whether their students succeed. Lamba School only gets paid if you find successful employment. In other words, it is directly interested in teaching you the best it possibly can. They literally invest in your education and only get their dividends if they do their job well.

So, is Lambda School legit? Based on this payment principle alone, it certainly looks better than many other bootcamp providers.

What is Bloom Institute of Technology Bootcamp?

Bloom Institute of Technology (formerly lambda) is a four-month, full-time program that will teach you how to become a web developer. It’s not like any other coding bootcamp out there because it provides you with a complete curriculum and all the necessary tools and support required to pass your test and get your real-world job as a software engineer or developer. You’ll learn everything from the basics of programming through JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more.

This program is designed to help you find your passion in life, whether it’s in tech or in another field. It also provides a wide variety of career options so that you can choose what you want to do with your life.

How does Bloom Institute of Technology work?

The Bloom Institute of Technology is an online program delivered in four months. This means that you can start anytime between now and January 2020. What does this mean for you? It means you have no time constraints when you need to complete specific tasks or even take exams. You can take as many tests as necessary until you feel confident that you are ready for the interview process with employers and recruiters who are looking to hire developers right now. What will Bloom Institute of Technology school bootcamp teach me?

What are the programs offered at Bloom Institute of Technology?

Full Stack Web Dev Course: This course is ideal for someone who wants to be a developer or software engineer. At the end of the course, the student will know about building websites or web apps that will solve problems and influence the organization’s culture. The careers associated with this course are currently in high demand. 

  • Learn from professionals and hands-on projects
  • Collaborate in projects to come up with real products for real clients
  • Code alongside industry experts.

The student has to go through 960 hours to finish the course at their own pace. There are live classes conducted every day and pre-recorded lessons that can be accessed at any time. 

Web3 development: Many companies are in a rush to hire Web3 developers as they are building networks that are decentralized. These networks support specific control and privacy. This course covers topics such as blockchain, smart contracts, and NFTs. The classes are conducted through on-demand tutoring, live trials with professionals, and hands-on tasks according to your plans. The course is divided into ten sprints, and each sprint is approximately 15 hours of work. Once you finish one sprint, it unlocks the next sprint. 

Database Science: Data science is used in everyday life, such as using facial recognition to unlock a phone. A data scientist uses business analytics, machine learning, etc., to study trends and solve problems. This course teaches students how to read and analyze different data types, create and produce data analytics and data-powered structures, and present findings.   

Backend Development Course: This course teaches a backend developer how to design, make, and maintain an accessible “behind-the-scenes” set up to back the user interfaces and user capabilities made by front-end developers. 

Modules taught in the Bloom Institute of Technology course

The Bloom Institute of Technology school Bootcamp is one of the world’s most popular and flexible online courses. It’s designed to help you get your career off on the right foot, whether you’re looking for a new job or need to grow your skill set.

This course is a great way to learn about programming languages, build software projects, and get hired for programming jobs. The course is split into five modules:

  • Coding Basics (Module 1) – Learn how to code with Python, JavaScript, and Java.
  • Building Applications (Module 2) – Learn how to build web applications with Python and JavaScript.
  • Designing Solutions (Module 3) – Learn how to develop solutions that work well for users.
  • Programming Projects (Module 4) – Build projects from scratch using Python and JavaScript.
  • Technical Interviews (Module 5) – Prepare for technical interviews by learning about best practices for writing code and interviewing candidates.

Does BloomTech Offer Prep Programs?

For a student to have the basic knowledge of the course they have selected, BloomTech offers prep courses. Introduction to HTML and CSS, for example, is accessible, and it is recommended that a student goes through the prep course before beginning the course. This preparation will come in handy when one is taking the technical assessment.

Are there any workshops that BloomTech holds?

Yes. If a student shows interest in applying for a bootcamp program, they can attend workshops that BloomTech offers. These workshops take the potential student through the different courses available, and if you do not know the code, what the next step should be. The workshops will also prepare the student for the technical valuation they must complete if they apply to the school. The workshop will also touch on the basics of coding with HTML and CSS.

How much does Bloom Institute of Technology Bootcamp cost?

Bloom Tech bootcamp does not have any free courses. The courses range from $15,000 to $30,000. The location determines the amount one will pay or if the student is local or international. 

What are the payment options at Bloom Institute of Technology

There are various payment options at BootTech. These options aim at lowering the tuition burden that most students face. The student will focus more on the course rather than where to get the tuition fees. Whichever option a student chooses, in the end, they have to pay the full amount. The options are:

Pay Tuition Before Start of Class: The tuition fee if you pay upfront is $21,950 (this does not include any applicable free) for all states. For international students, the amount is $15,000.

Installments: The tuition fee is split into three installments. The time and amount you pay will differ depending on your locality and chosen course. 

Outreach-Based Loans: You can choose not to make any payments until you get a job that earns you $50,000 or over. If you have not gotten a job by the end of one year, your tuition fee will be refunded. 

Income Share Agreements (ISA): In this option, a student is required to pay a deposit, and after the course, once they get a job that pays them $50,000 or above, they can start repaying the tuition fee from their income in installments. 

Is it easy to get accepted at BloomTech?

Yes. The application is straightforward and flexible. Although BloomTech’s website does not show the acceptance rate, nearly all the students who pass the online test are enrolled.  

What is the application process at Bloom Institute of Technology?

  1. Register an account through their website. 
  2. Once you have registered, sign in to the website and select the course you would like to take. 
  3. The college will ask you a few questions about the chosen course to ensure it is the right fit. You can then select and schedule your course. 
  4. You will then take an assessment called the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test. 

Does Bloom Institute of Technology Offers Scholarships?

Yes. The BloomTech Unlocking Potential Scholarship was started to support upcoming tech leaders. It also targets women who have set their eyes on working in the tech field. Other targeted groups are Blacks, Latinx, Native Americans, Veterans, and other underrepresented aspiring software engineers. Each month, BloomTech awards scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $3,000.

Does Bloom Institute of Technology Offer A Job Guarantee?

Yes. BloomTech offers a job guarantee after the course, and students who cannot secure a job paying over $50,000 within one year get their tuition fee refunded. 
What are the pros and cons of BloomTech?
– Structured curriculum, which includes live events and recorded classes.
– Top-notch learning experience.
– Hands-on curriculum 
– Job guarantee
– Class size is big, and students are not being helped when asking questions. 

Job Placement Rate

In 2020, BloomTech had a job placement rate of 74%. A lot of the students who graduated got jobs. The career guidance team works with students to ensure they get good jobs in their chosen career path. 

Where is Bloom Institute of Technology located?

BloomTech conducts its classes online but can be found at the following address:
School Name: Bloom Institute of Technology
Telephone: 415 262-4219
School Code: 83979039
County: San Francisco
Mailing Address: 548 Market St, #69148, San Francisco, CA 94104
Physical Address: 44 Montgomery St. 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA, 94104


The Bloom Institute of Technology school bootcamp is the best way to learn to program. It’s an intensive program that focuses on teaching you how to code and includes all the tools you need to succeed.

You’ll get access to our cloud-based curriculum, designed to make it easy for you to learn on your own time. We also provide private tutoring sessions so that you can get extra help when you need it. There are no tests or grades, so you’ll never feel pressured or judged by your peers. The best part? You can do this at home—we don’t require any commitment beyond enrolling in the course!

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Lambda School Courses

Lambda School offers the following courses:

Full Time Full Stack Web Development
$ 30000
24 weeks
More info +
This course is built around the idea of giving its students professional and technical skills they are going to need most both when pursuing their career in the field of web development and when presenting their capabilities to hiring managers. The course includes live online lectures and multiple practical assignments and projects.
Full Time Data Science
$ 30000
24 weeks
More info +
an intensive course aiming to give you everything you need to get employed in one of the fastest-growing fields in existence. Over the course of this 6-month bootcamp, you will learn everything you need to land yourself an entry-level position with any employer using data science in its operations.
Free Coding Course: Intro to HTML and CSS
$ 10000
24 weeks
More info +
Learn to code with our 100% online async HTML & CSS course. Enjoy 4 hours of self-paced coding tutorials with 7 HTML modules and 7 CSS modules. We'll walk you through how HTML works and how to write it, and then you'll build a project to show off your skills. Subjects: HTML and CSS
Full Time Backend Development (Curriculum Jointly Developed with Amazon)
$ 30000
36 weeks
More info +
This course provides students with all the skills and knowledge they need to land an entry-level position in backend development with companies of all sizes, including top employers. You finish the bootcamp with more than 1,400 hours of hands-on coding experience under your belt and a portfolio of projects to demonstrate your abilities.

The Interview: What the Company Tells About Their Services?

We want to provide you with all the needed information that can help you find the best bootcamp to enter. We have sent our questions to the organization, and we are waiting for their answers. As soon as we get them, we will share them with you.

Does Lambda School offer refunds?
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Yes, students can ask for a refund if they decide that Lambda School does not suit them. The amount they get back, however, fully depends on the stage at which they ask for a refund. In the course of the first four units they get the entire tuition back, later they are required to pay a certain percentage of the tuition depending on how many sections of the course they completed.

Does Lambda School offer any job guarantees?
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No, Lambda School does not offer any formal job guarantees.

Does Lambda School offer Career Support?
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Yes, in a variety of forms, and graduates often praise it in their Lambda reviews. Throughout your course at Lambda School, you complete career development assignments to prepare you for your future job search, help you create a career plan, optimize your strategies and teach you how to best present yourself to recruiters. The help continues after you graduate from the bootcamp and start looking for a job. You get access to one-on-one career mentorship sessions, Lambda School’s hiring network, and the alumni community. Finally, Lambda School will have you work a real job for a real business for one month and pay you for it. After this period, if you manage to make a good impression, the company in question will have an option to hire you full-time.

What is the employment rate of Lambda School’s graduates?
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According to the statistics for H1 2019, 79 percent of graduates had verifiable jobs in relevant positions.

Does Lambda School offer in-person instruction?
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No, all Lambda School courses are remote, accessible online from anywhere in the world. Students, however, spend a lot of time in direct communication with their mentors.

Are graduates obligated to accept the first job offer so that they can repay their tuition as fast as possible?
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No, Lambda School does not control what job offers their graduates should take.