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About Nucamp

What is Nucamp Bootcamp?

Are you looking to learn code but don’t have the time or money for a full-time degree? Are you working as a freelancer and can only commit to one or two nights a week in class? Are you an entrepreneur who wants to stay competitive by learning new technologies as they come out? Or are you just someone who wants hands-on experience with web development tools during the program before your start-up launches its beta version?

The Nucamp was created by Dr.Albin D’Silva and other scientists working on the unsupervised learning problem. They wanted to develop a way for machines to learn without being supervised by humans or computers. The Nucamp was born!

The best part about Nucamp’s coding bootcamp is all these things. It’s specifically designed for people like us who want to get into tech but don’t know where to start or what path will work best for them. 

And it’s designed so that if you’re willing to put in some hard work for 22 weeks (or less), then Nucamp guarantees that at the end of those 22 weeks (or less), we’ll be able to teach you everything there is about web design and development while also giving your resume an edge over other applicants.

What will Nucamp teach me?

Nucamp offers an online coding platform that teaches students how to code at their own pace. The platform is flexible, and students can choose from various courses, from website design to coding for mobile applications. Nucamp also offers workshops that teach students how to use the latest tools and technologies in the industry.

Nucamp supports learners who are interested in learning computer programming languages such as Python or Java, as well as those who want to become web developers with HTML5 skills or frontend developers with JavaScript as well as other frameworks.

What are the programs offered at Nucamp? 

Nucamp bootcamp programs run for 4 to 22 weeks and are virtual. The student will receive support from a tutor and a video call on weekends. A workshop conducted over the weekend takes up to four hours. The students study in small groups of approximately 15 students at most. There are no prep courses available at Nucamp.  

Below are the programs offered at Nucamp:

Develop Web Applications: If you’ve got an idea for a web application and aren’t sure how to get started, this course is for you. I’ll walk you through what it takes to develop web applications that run on the server, client, and between.

You’ll learn how to build your first full-stack application using Node.js/Express/MongoDB, and then we’ll move on to building hybrid apps using AngularJS/NodeJS/MongoDB. We’ll also cover mobile apps using PhoneGap/Cordova (for iOS) or React Native (for Android) along with Electron or NW.js (for Desktop).

Become a Full Stack Web Developer: So, what is the Nucamp? It’s a self-paced, online learning platform that allows you to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (the three languages of the web) through bite-sized lessons. You can also learn how to build websites and web apps. The best part about this course is that it lets you learn at your own pace.

As a newbie coder myself, I was able to pick up the basics in an hour or so by going through some of these lessons—but if you want to get your hands dirty with code and build something tangible from scratch (like a website or web app), then it might take longer than that for beginners who are not familiar with coding yet.

Back End, SQL, and DevOps Developer with Python: A student will learn about data structures and algorithms. This will help them develop robust applications using Python and SQL. They will use DevOps tools and set up the Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google clouds all in 16 weeks. 

Front End Web + Mobile Developer: This course takes 17 weeks, and the student will learn how to create modern web experiences that target users and employers and express their creativity. 

How much does Nucamp Bootcamp cost?

The bootcamp courses at Nucamp cost between $349 and $7,858. The payment plan is the one that determines how much a student will pay.

What payment options are available at Nucamp?

Fair Student Agreement (FSA): The student who qualifies for this payment option pays monthly installments until the end of the course. The advantage of this option is you can stretch the payments up to 48 months, making one pay a minimal amount each month until they secure a job. Nucamp has partnered with Ascent and Climb to offer these affordable loans. 

Upfront Payment: Paying the tuition fee upfront is the most cost-efficient way. 

Does Nucamp offer any scholarships?

Nucamp offers various scholarships to help students with their tuition fees. They include:

  • High School Graduates: This is for students who recently graduated from high school and want to become web developers. You need to be at least 18 years to be eligible to apply.
  • Natives in Tech: This non-profit organization encourages native technologists to pursue careers in tech. Nucamp gives $50,000 to support Native groups. These scholarships are broken down as follows:

–      Web development fundamentals bootcamp: $50 scholarship for four weeks.

–      Front end web and mobile development bootcamp: $385 scholarship for $1,925 (early people) or $445 for $2,399 (normal) and the program runs for 17 weeks. 

–      Full Stack Web and Mobile Development: $388 scholarship for $2,328 (early people) or $436 for $2,688 (normal) and the program runs for 22 weeks.

–      Back End, SQL, and DevOps with Python: $385 scholarship for $1,925 (early people) or $445 for $2,300 (normal) and the program runs for 16 weeks.

  • Nu You: If your credit score is low or bad, but you still want to pursue a career in tech, this scholarship is ideal.
  • ReSkill America: This scholarship targets people hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are given this scholarship, you will be provided with a laptop and given a tuition fee. 
  • Warrior Rising: War veterans qualify to apply for this scholarship. $50,000 has been put aside by Nucamp to pay tuition fees for veterans who have an interest in software development.  

An applicant must meet all the requirements to be considered for a scholarship. 

Nucamp Acceptance Rate

The Nucamp website does not state the acceptance rate of the bootcamp. Nucamp targets people who are just starting to code. This makes it easy to get in. 

What are the pros and cons of Nucamp bootcamp?

– Flexible scheduling.
– Caters for beginners.
– One-on-one coaching
– Available classes are only part-time (Saturday)

What is the Nucamp application process?

– Evaluate your goals, if you have any experience, and what the outline of the courses is.
– Choose when you want to start the program and choose a suitable location. 
– Select a payment plan and pay the installment. If you select FSA, you must pay a deposit of $100. If you choose upfront, you will pay the whole tuition fee. 

Does Nucamp offer a job guarantee after the bootcamp?

No, Nucamp does not offer a job surety. However, they offer career advice to graduates, making it easy for the students to land jobs.  

Is there a refund policy at Nucamp?

Yes. Nucamp has a refund policy where they refund all the tuition fees paid within the first five days of registration. However, they do not refund the registration fee. 

Where is Nucamp located?

Nucamp head office is in Bellevue, WA, close to Microsoft’s headquarters. However, all the bootcamps courses are online and are offered in three different US time zones managed by the state of Washington.

Nucamp Bootcamp Reviews

Many people have reviewed Nucamp, and it has been found that people who have taken this course have been able to land jobs with high salaries and good benefits.
The Nucamp Boot Camp is worth your time because it will help you get the skills required for a successful programming or web development career.
The main goal of this bootcamp is to teach you everything there is to know about the Nucamp so that you can feel confident when using it in your projects!
You will learn how to use the basic features of the system, as well as advanced features like deep learning and reinforcement learning. You will also learn how to use neural nets and how they work behind the scenes!
This course is designed so that even if you have never done machine learning, it will still be easy for you to follow along. If it sounds like something that interests you, then go ahead and check them out today!


The Nucamp Boot Camp is a comprehensive course covering programming and web development fundamentals. The course is designed to teach you the skills required to build a career in this field. So if you are new to this field, it is definitely worth checking it out!

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Nucamp Courses

Nucamp offers courses for all types of students: from those aiming to learn the basics of web development to those interested in complete education covering both fundamental and advanced topics.

Web Development Fundamentals
$ 349
4 weeks
More info +
This bootcamp covers the basics of web development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. No prior knowledge in this field is required. The price and length of this course are ideal to help you understand if web development is the right fit for you, as well as to learn the basic skills necessary to work in this field.
Back End, SQL, and Dev Ops Development with Python
$ 1480
16 weeks
More info +
After completing this course, you will learn how to build Python and SQL applications, becoming a career-ready Python developer.
Front End Web and Mobile Development
$ 1480
17 weeks
More info +
Learn how to build websites that can adapt to all screen sizes, study the intricacies of responsive web design and grids, find out how to use React (the most popular JavaScript library for building websites), as well as advanced JavaScript aspects and multiplatform mobile development.
Full-Stack Web and Mobile Development
$ 1880
22 weeks
More info +
After completing this course, you will become a full-stack developer capable of creating apps for iOS and Android as well as websites from scratch. This course covers both back-end and front-end development, and by its end, you will not only acquire marketable skills but will also have a strong portfolio of projects you can use to demonstrate your abilities.

The Interview: The Information We Have Received for You

Our team interviewed the bootcamp’s representative, asking the questions that interest the majority of potential students. If you want to get more information about the bootcamp, read the answers the organization sent us and get more information to make the right decision.

What are your recommendations to those willing to get ready for your bootcamp?
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We do not have admission requirements, but we recommend attending one of our online open houses and/or scheduling some time with one of our student advisors, which can be done on our website. We recommend that all students have a firm understanding of the recommended time commitment for the specific bootcamp they want to take.

Describe students that best fit in your bootcamp.
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We have students of all ages and backgrounds. Nucamp is the most affordable bootcamp in a classroom setting with an instructor and classmates, and therefore our offers target aspiring career shifters that have been left out of the digital economy.

What’s the average admission rate?
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Other than our introductory Web Development Fundamentals Bootcamp, the cost ranges from $1,480 to $1,880 for the entire program.

What are the benefits of the educational methodology you exercise?
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Students can keep their current job while they are in our bootcamps. Each bootcamp has a weekly cycle structure so that students can stay on track and not fall behind. Students can reach out to their instructor, classmates, and our Slack community to get the interim help they need between the weekly workshops.

Describe a casual day/week in your bootcamp.
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Students work through our online material during the week at their own pace and are active in Slack with their classmates, instructor, and larger Nucamp community. Every Saturday, students attend a workshop where the instructors deliver a lecture and then assist their students with their projects related to their current module.

How is mentor support provided? How often?
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Instructors facilitate a 4-hour live Zoom workshop every Saturday. They also remain available during the week on Slack and will frequently answer questions (response time ranges from a few minutes to an hour). It is also common for them to hop on Zoom with an individual at a moment's notice, in the evenings and on weekends. Students can post questions to their classroom Slack channel, as well as reach out to global Nucamp channels specific to their current module topic.

How do you create a sense of community among your students?
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We have an active Slack community. Students experience a sense of belonging in their classroom channels as well as the global channels where Nucamp advisors and instructors are active. The CEO also interacts in Slack on a daily basis.

Do you guarantee a job for your graduates?
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We do not guarantee a job for graduates.

What job placement assistance do you offer?
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For all graduates of our Front End, Full Stack, or Backend with Python bootcamps, we offer the following free career services: One-on-one career coaching; Career development course; Resume, Github, and LinkedIn profile preparation assistance; Access to Nucamp's exclusive, nationwide job board; A free month of LinkedIn Premium; Access to Nucamp's Alumni group on LinkedIn; Lifetime access to Nucamp's course content and community on Slack; Invitations to monthly Hackathons. Starting in early 2022, we offer a Job Hunting Bootcamp with the following benefits: LinkedIn, GitHub, and Resume Reviews: Participants get templates and extended professional guidance on how to improve their resume as well as LinkedIn and Github profiles, making sure their online profiles pass all the checks from potential employers. Data Structure and Algorithms Practice: Participants learn the logic of commonly used data structures and algorithms that are relevant to the job search process and how to present themselves in interviews. Whiteboard Interviews: Participants prepare for whiteboard interviews by studying common questions and practicing both their technical and non-technical skills. Job Hunting: Participants gain the tools to plan their job search, day by day, learn how to be strategic with spending their time, select and reach out to potential employers, and be active in a selected number of communities.

Do you have a pool of partners that hire your grads?
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We have a number of partners that regularly hire through our exclusive job board.

Share grad success stories you are proud of.
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We share a graduate success story every week. You can read them on

Describe the benefits of your payment options.
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All of our bootcamps, except for the introductory Web Development Fundamentals Bootcamp, offer several payment options: Pay in 4 or 5 monthly payments at zero interest (no loans); Pay as low as $10 until you graduate, then as low as $103/month for 18 months or $158/month for 12 months through Nucamp's Fair Student Agreement; Pay it back faster by starting the $103-$158/month repayment plan as soon as you start.

Is there a money-back guarantee? How do you exercise it?
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We do not offer a money-back guarantee.